Reddal Talks: Strategy, honestly! Ep. 8 Lessons from war II - strategy and guerrilla warfare


21 February 2022 — In our "Strategy, honestly!" video podcast series we discuss some of the common strategy tools and methodologies, in an honest way. During season 2, Per, Janne, and Pyry are excited to share with you more insights and deepen your knowledge on the key strategy frameworks existing out there.

Per SteniusClient Director
Pyry PaavolaAlumnus (Business Developer)

After a few months of anticipation, "Strategy, honestly!" returns with new lessons learned from strategy and war, or more specifically, military setting.

To many of us, Che Guevara is known from history lessons at school, or perhaps through personal interest in world politics - but have you ever stopped to think how this guerrilla leader's and military theorist's experiences actually relate to corporate strategy, or even internal operations managing processes and culture? Since this perhaps is a new angle to look at corporate strategy for many, we thought to take this opportunity to share our findings and reflections. Hopefully you find this as exciting as we do!

Do not worry, our "lessons from war" stories may not be over yet - we might just continue with the topic for a few more videos! To ensure this happens though, please subscribe to our YouTube channel, like our videos, and submit the contact form below with your comments if you found this (or any of our other content) interesting.

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