Reddal Talks: Strategy, honestly! Ep. 5 Success is more than strategy – the 7-S framework


22 October 2021 — In our "Strategy, honestly!" video podcast series we discuss some of the common strategy tools and methodologies, in an honest way. During season 2, Per, Janne, and Pyry are excited to share with you more insights and deepen your knowledge on the key strategy frameworks existing out there.

Per SteniusClient Director
Janne OksaAlumnus (Business Developer)
Pyry PaavolaAlumnus (Business Developer)

This time in "Strategy, honestly!", the discussion revolves around the 7-S framework and the ways it can be utilized in strategy work. Our hosts also share some great reading tips, so go and check out for example Peters’ and Waterman’s ‘In Search of Excellence‘, Kiechel’s ‘The Lords of Strategy’, as well as Pascale’s ‘The Art of Japanese Management’ if you have not browsed through these strategy classics before.

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