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We are continuously looking to hire individuals who love solving complex problems, thrive in a team environment, and see the world filled with exciting challenges to be tackled. At Reddal, we don’t just accept differences – we celebrate, support and cherish them. Our teams are made up of people from different backgrounds, cultures, genders, education, interests and skills. They all excel at making a difference and share a passion for team work.

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University students with strong academic record and teamwork experience. Fluency in both English and Korean is essential.




Finland: University students with minimum 3 years of completed studies with strong academic record. South Korea: BS or MS degree (graduated) in any field with strong academic background. Fluency in both English and Korean is essential. Middle East: BS or MS degree (graduated) in any field with strong academic background. Fluency in both English and Farsi is essential.


Recent university graduates and early stage professionals with strong analytical skills and 0-3 years work or internship experience. You can also apply while finalizing your studies (for example, while writing your Master’s thesis), but your studies should be completed by the time you start at Reddal. South Korea: fluency in both English and Korean is essential. Middle East: BS or MS degree (graduated) in any field with strong academic background. Fluency in both English and Farsi is essential.


Professionals with strong problem solving leadership skills and prior experience from client engagements. South Korea: fluency in both English and Korean is essential. Middle East: fluency in both English and Farsi is essential.

Our Culture
Reddal Culture — It's in Our Nature

Reddal Culture — It's in Our Nature

We are a value-driven company. Our values provide a solid framework to our company policies and guidelines. At Reddal, values are not just empty words one might hear during a company party speech – our chosen values are present at all times, guiding our everyday actions and behavior.

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We are a team of passionate problem-solvers with a global mindset and a solid sense of integrity.

Pyry, Business Analyst

“The two biggest epiphanies for me after joining Reddal were how immensely exciting working at Reddal can be, and how nice and bright the people are. A high level of responsibility is given from the very beginning, but the collaborative culture of working and the always helpful colleagues act as a safety net. This equation leads to a steep learning curve and fun times!”

Giao, Business Developer

"I joined Reddal as an intern, excited to experience its unique disruptive business model that transforms the role of consultants as external advisors into long-term strategic business partners to our clients. For me work at Reddal is exciting also because everyone here can influence how Reddal runs and creates value, continuously improving client impact. I enjoy being part of re-thinking and re-shaping the business building industry!"

Elina, Business Developer

"I recently rediscovered a list of requirements I had written to guide my job hunt before joining Reddal. The list included things like challenges that would push me out of my comfort zone and allow continuous learning while maintaining healthy work life balance, opportunity to make an impact every single day, young and international workforce, possibility to shape my work and the company I work for, as well as clear and transparent career path. Now, reflecting back on the years at Reddal, my work and the company tick all these boxes and more!"

Kun, Manager

“The best thing about working at Reddal is its people. We hire brilliant people with diverse backgrounds, who continuously provide fresh insights to better ways of solving problems or doing other things. This inspires everyone to push their limits while leveraging the whole team. Whatever the problem, we always solve it together.”

Work and life

We develop our people to think and act like CEOs

We maintain a healthy work-life balance

We develop our people to think and act like CEOs.

Front-line experience from day one

Reddal offers a unique opportunity for new joiners to work side-by-side with clients from day one. We believe the best training comes from gaining experience on the front-line by continuously working and collaborating with client executives and teams. Our approach seeks to kick-start Reddalites' careers by constantly presenting opportunities to develop broad skill sets, so they emerge as tomorrow's business leaders who have had the hands-on experience having "been there and done that".

Maintaining work-life balance

Our clients are constantly asking us to work with them on solving their most complex issues. In order to tackle these problems and drive impact with our work, in-depth analyses, critical thinking, and persistence is necessary. Yet, success at Reddal also requires a balanced lifestyle. We believe that happiness, health, and a meaningfull life outside of office hours is essential for our team members to be consistently high performers. As a result, we strongly encourage our people to spend time pursuing their passions, with family and friends, and furthering studies outside of work. Weekend work is avoided, and we do our very best to keep working hours at reasonable level.

Our recruitment process

Experience what working at Reddal is like

Practice with sample cases

We solve business problems

Get a preview of what working at Reddal is like by solving business problems pulled from real-life cases. To us, great candidate experience is a top priority. Clear and timely communication is the key here and we do our utmost to keep candidates well-informed throughout the recruiting process. Please let us know how we succeeded with your candidate journey!

The interview process

The recruitment process consists of a minimum three rounds of interviews. Each interview includes 1-5 cases, Q&A, and free discussion. While the purpose of the interviews is to learn about you, our recruitment process also allows you to learn about us and experience what working at Reddal is like. During the process you will meet Reddaliltes from different career levels and offices, getting to know your potential future colleagues. Interviews take place at Reddal offices or by teleconference when needed.

We are strong believers in learning and knowledge sharing and we feel that we have succeeded if you learnt something new during our process.

Preparation for interviews

Interview cases test analytical problem solving and quantitative ability, as well as creativity and communication skills. A key success criteria is the ability to approach a problem in a structured manner and explain your thinking process. Cases often relate to a situation that you are not familiar with, testing your ability to think outside of the box and develop solid hypotheses. Practicing issue structuring and problem solving on the spot is highly helpful.

Practice with sample cases here.