Business Development as a Service

What does Reddal offer?

We provide flexible teams of business developers with analytical and entrepreneurial mindsets, to solve your toughest business problems. With our clients, we craft and implement solutions with measurable results. No surprise then that leading global companies invite us to serve as their strategic partner for relentless growth.

Our model
Business Development as a Service

Business Development as a Service

Flexible teams consisting of an experienced client director and manager, supported by analysts and subject matter experts. Our cost is equivalent to in-house business development resources. When needed our teams are global, providing 24/7 working capacity.

Our way of working includes developing hypotheses, thorough analyses, actionable insights and driving execution. Depending on assignment and scope, our teams work flexibly on different organizational levels and different sizes of companies:

  • CxO support in strategy, M&A, change management and corporate development
  • Business unit level driving growth, process improvement or turnaround
  • Building new business, at times with full operative responsibility
  • Supporting frontline execution with expert resources flexibly

Our differentiators
Long-term partnership for continuous growth

Traditionally, companies involve consultants to bring in top-quality analytical thinking, state-of-the-art methodologies and a global 24/7 skill pool of generalists and specialists. While matching traditional consultants in these areas, Reddal model is differentiated so that we can fully commit to our clients’ success and development.

Building continuous and exclusive partnerships

We never serve clients with conflicting interests. In particular, we do not serve competing companies.

Extreme cost-efficiency

We work with minimum overhead and highly automated internal processes for maxmial cost efficiency.

Open collaboration and knowledge sharing

We do not sell black box solutions. Our tools are openly shared with clients. Our clients development and success is our success.

Our clients
For companies of all sizes

Business Development as a Service: For companies of all sizes

Large enterprises

We work with large enterprises in strategy, M&A, turnarounds and major transformations, both on corporate and business unit level.

Small and medium-sized enterprises

We work side by side with SMEs in kick-starting new business areas and markets, accelerating top-line growth and developing processes.

Family businesses

We work with family owned businesses globally on strategy, market expansion, succession planning and HR development.

Fast growing tech companies

We help growth companies in boosting product development, user acquisition and pivot products to accelerate product-market fit.

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