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State-of-the-art financial modeling, planning, and capital structure optimization. We also provide CFO and controller capacity.

Recent financial performance work


Amidst an uncertain market environment, an industrial goods manufacturing company was lacking a solid view on market demand and thus was not able to steer its operations well enough. This limited both execution and strategic planning capability, while also making it harder for management to make key decisions.


Together with senior management the team defined a model for improved forecasting of the business. The model utilized existing forecasting processes and tools to ensure business continuity, while at the same time extending the view with a more long-term perspective. The simulation tool was developed iteratively for best impact.


The industrial goods company improved its long-term forecasting capability and accuracy considerably. The new tool also allowed simulation of long-term scenarios with key business parameters. This helped the management to adapt a more strategic approach for its business planning, and supported decision making.


A Finnish mobile technology company had successfully passed the initial startup phase and was seeing high growth prospects. A trade sale to a major player loomed in the future but the CEO worried about the robustness of the company's finance processes. Improvements in both management accounting and strategic financial analysis was needed.


A small team from Reddal stepped in, providing an immediate and flexible solution so that financial managment processes could be addressed. Instead of spending time for recruiting, the CEO could see immediate improvement in the area, and a development plan was also built. Reporting, product costing and management accounting were improved step-wise, while in parallel securing daily execution.


Over a two-year period, the management and the Reddal team took the company through restructuring, a strategic pivot, an expansion into South-East Asia, and two rounds of fundraising. The company grew successfully, and was eventually acquired at an attractive valuation by a major global internet behemoth.


A home appliance company struggled with a weak finance department and poor finance processes and tools. The resulting limited view on product and customer profitability and the lack of forward looking planning led to cash flow issues and inability to set targets effectively. Management often operated in fire-fighting mode, feeling overwhelmed.


The management team agreed that addressing the root cause of poor financial management was critical. In a stage-wise long-term effort, development of a robust management accounting and reporting system, including processes, tools and routines was executed. This helped to improve visibility and transparency, and strengthened decision making.


As new processes, tools, routines and standards were implemented into the day-to-day way of working, and in-house staff was trained, management decision making improved significantly. Cash flow improved, and need for urgent fire-fighting reduced drastically. Over time, the company was able to develop its in-house finance department to a key asset for both optimization of daily operations and strategic planning.

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Henrik Säilä

Henrik Säilä Helsinki

Business Developer with experience in financial performance and program management. Currently working on corporate strategy in technology sector.


Valtteri Viitala

Valtteri Viitala Helsinki

Business Developer with experience in strategy, corporate finance and scenario analysis. Currently working on topics related to investment due diligence process and sustainability.


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