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What is Reddal?

Reddal is a professional services firm that offers business development as a service. We work with companies of all sizes - from global giants to SMEs - to solve their toughest problems.

Our vision
Solve the most challenging business problems

We work to solve the most challenging business problems

As companies look for new ways to grow, Reddal brings a group of business building professionals available to companies of all sizes as flexible capacity. Analytical, collaborative and driven people who get the job done. We excel in change, whether it is reaching ambitious growth targets or executing a financial turnaround at the brink of bankruptcy.

Reddal works with our clients in the front line, sharing skills and methodology openly. We are extremely cost effective, comparable to hiring in-house experienced resources, rather than the excessive fees charged by management consultants. Through Reddal Insights and Reddal Academy, we systematically develop our clients in-house skills and capabilities, so that together we can address tougher and tougher challenges.

Our origin
Help companies of all sizes to grow and develop

Reddal helps companies of all sizes to grow and develop

Reddal was founded in 2010 to help drive our clients’ growth and financial performance more cost effectively than previously possible. Our founders shared the belief that the traditional model of consulting was highly overpriced. Reddal was created to merge the best characteristics of management consulting and outsourcing into a powerful new model. Business development as a service, or BDaaS, was born and we started our global journey.

Since then we have served clients in over 40 countries, and today operate globally with 50+ employees and offices in Helsinki, Seoul, Dubai, and Kuala Lumpur. We are also operative in Tehran, Iran and in Jena, Germany.

Our values
Credibility, creativity and courage

Credibility, creativity and courage

Our employees come from a broad range of backgrounds – academia, entrepreneurship, management consulting, investment banking and corporate business development. Regardless of their experience and operative location, they all share a few core characteristics:

Credibility through fact based analytics and problem-solving
Creativity by thinking out of the box and connecting the dots
Courage to drive change under extreme circumstances and pressure.

These characteristics help our people to stay focused on the objectives of our client engagements, succeed in execution and find new perspectives. As we work side-by-side with our clients, we find that the spirit of credibility, creativity and courage spreads, driving us all to push the bar higher.

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