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China's landmark for the shipbuilding sector with its first cruise ship setting sail

15 January 2024
Kun Cao

Adora Magic City, China's first domestically built cruise ship, completed its first commercial voyage. As the vessel set sail, it signified China's capability to build mega-cruise ship and marked a significant milestone in the nation's maritime ambitions.

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Optimizing working capital in a downturn for resilience

18 December 2023
Kun Cao

Many companies struggle to free up significant cash via optimizing net working capital (NWC). This article walks you through a pragmatic process for optimizing net working capital adding some practical key considerations as well. A systematic process is essential to free up cash reserves and shift working capital management from passive monitoring to active optimization.

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An emerging trend of compact luxury cruise ships in the marine industry

6 November 2023
Per Stenius

Several new cruise lines are adopting an underdog strategy, deviating from the trend of launching increasingly larger cruise ships with up to 10 000 people in passenger capacity. While giant ships are a short-term "cash cow" for operators, smaller ships are believed to have distinct long-term advantages.

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