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Prospects in shipbuilding for South Korea and Japan amid the US and China scrutiny

8 May 2024
Kun Cao

Following the recent investigation by President Joe Biden into alleged unfair Chinese economic practices in shipbuilding and maritime logistics, the dynamic of the global maritime industry is expected to shift. This action, intended to support US shipbuilders, could inadvertently provide an opportunity for South Korean and Japanese producers to strengthen their market position against increasingly competitive Chinese rivals.

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South Korea – an interesting market for European companies

26 April 2024
Per Stenius

Korean economy shows a slightly slower growth in recent years. However, it remains one of the major economic forces in the world. With the rise of Korean culture, more foreign companies are getting familiar with Korea. Similarly, young Korean companies are networking more with foreign businesses. These trends make Korea increasingly interesting and accessible for international and especially European businesses.

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Bringing agility to a traditional PMO to thrive in volatile situations

21 March 2024
Adam Horvath

The concept of PMO or program management office has been around for decades and played an integral part in bringing large scale programs and transformations to fruition. However, with the latest advances in project management, such as agile or lean, it is time for a facelift. In this article, we provide a blueprint for integrating the latest best practices into a traditional PMO setup.

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