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Identifying investment targets through future-looking industry analysis

11 October 2022
Henrik Säilä

The private equity (PE) industry is, by nature, opportunistic and new investments are often evaluated case by case. Traditionally, PE deal sourcing has been relying largely on existing networks and screening of interesting industries. However, this easily leads investors to compete for the same targets. By conducting future-looking industry analysis, PE investors could be one step ahead of others, identify emerging opportunities early on and thus build a competitive advantage. In this article, we present a methodology that could be used for this.

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Outlook on the Finnish marine industry

13 May 2022
Kun Cao

Reddal's Marine Practice provided an outlook on the Finnish marine industry in light of recent geopolitical and global supply chain disruptions as an invited speaker at the Finnish Marine Industry Association's annual spring seminar.

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New opportunities and value creation through corporate environmentalism

21 March 2022
Kaius Jaatinen

Corporate environmentalism is quickly growing in popularity but the focus among Finnish companies seems to be mostly on reducing GHG emissions. In this article, we disaggregate corporate environmental responsibility to its sub-components and outline related value-creation opportunities from embracing all of them for investors, consumers, shareholders, employees, and society as a whole.

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