Reddal Talks: Strategy, honestly! Ep. 7 Lessons from war - seeing strategy in a larger context


15 December 2021 — In our "Strategy, honestly!" video podcast series we discuss some of the common strategy tools and methodologies, in an honest way. During season 2, Per, Janne, and Pyry are excited to share with you more insights and deepen your knowledge on the key strategy frameworks existing out there.

Per SteniusClient Director
Pyry Paavola(Alumnus) Business Developer

Our Christmas special of "Strategy, honestly!" is out, with a most interesting twist! Our hosts Per and Pyry are comparing the classical war strategy literature to modern-day business environment strategy work. The literature list includes The Art of War by Sun Tzu, Clausewitz on Strategy by von Ghyczy et al., as well as On Grand Strategy by Gaddis. Have you read any of these books? You are more than welcome to send us your thoughts on the reading experiences, but also how you feel about our issue tree. We hope you enjoy this episode and see you again in January 2022 with another video continuing the war strategy theme.

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