Reddal Talks: Strategy, honestly! Ep. 6 Strategy canvas - effective for all kinds of companies?


2 November 2021 — In our "Strategy, honestly!" video podcast series we discuss some of the common strategy tools and methodologies, in an honest way. During season 2, Per, Janne, and Pyry are excited to share with you more insights and deepen your knowledge on the key strategy frameworks existing out there.

Per SteniusClient Director
Janne OksaAlumnus (Business Developer)
Pyry Paavola(Alumnus) Business Developer

We are getting closer to wrapping up the "Strategy, honestly!" season 2, however, do not worry as you still have this and another special episode to view. A good reason to stay tuned, right? To give you a sneak peek at this episode and its contents, our hosts are reviewing strategy canvas as a tool in strategy work; as some of you viewers may know, the strategy canvas focuses on illustrating the entire strategic ambition of a business unit in a single easily understandable picture. But, what are the best use cases, and on which situations may not be as useful as other frameworks? Find out our thoughts by watching the video clip!

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