China's landmark for the shipbuilding sector with its first cruise ship setting sail

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15 January 2024 — Adora Magic City, China's first domestically built cruise ship, completed its first commercial voyage. As the vessel set sail, it signified China's capability to build mega-cruise ship and marked a significant milestone in the nation's maritime ambitions.

China's landmark for the shipbuilding sector with its first cruise ship setting sail
Kun Cao
Kun CaoSenior Manager

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In September 2023, Business Insider interviewed Kun Cao, Senior Manager at Reddal, about China's initiation of plans to enter the cruise industry. Subsequently, we now continued the discussion with the Financial Times around China’s cruise industry ambitions coming to fruition with the launch of the Adora Magic City. In the interview, he shared the observation on ambition, key challenges and implications of constructing and operating China’s first large cruise ship.

The original article was published by Financial Times on January 01, 2024 and can be accessed here: China’s first homegrown cruise ship sails from Shanghai.

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