Reddal Talks: The potential of the Iranian market

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1 November 2017 — Iran is a controversial market, fairly unfamiliar for many. Often portrayed in a biased light by Western media, it is in reality developing rapidly. We share some experiences and insights about this market, gained during the past five years of our work in Iran.

Per SteniusClient Director
Kaveh AsadzamanehAlumnus (Business Developer)

Iran is a controversial market, which most people are not fully familiar with. Western media in particular portrays this country often in a biased way. Nevertheless, Iran is a growing and vibrant market with a population of over 80 million, and the country also has an active industrial base. Within the market, several foreign players are already active – such as Carrefour, Samsung, LG, Toyota, Mazda, Huawei and many others. Many German, French and Italian companies are investigating ways to enter, as well as some Americans (through their European subsidiaries). In this video Per Stenius and Kaveh Asadzamaneh, who have been leading Reddal’s work in Iran over the past five years, share some of their experiences and insights about this fairly unknown market.

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