Reddal Talks: Strategy, honestly! Ep. 0 Introduction to the series


28 June 2021 — In our "Strategy, honestly!" video podcast series we discuss some of the common strategy tools and methodologies, in an honest way. Episode 0 provides an introduction to where this series started.

Per SteniusClient Director
Janne OksaAlumnus (Business Developer)
Pyry PaavolaAlumnus (Business Developer)

Starting episode 0 with a less serious approach, our hosts Per, Janne, and Pyry share some details how this entire series developed from an idea to several videos. They also discuss what it is in strategy work that motivates and excites them. We Reddalians may not be professional YouTubers, and as you can hear at the end of the clip, we are not afraid to admit it. Hopefully you find the contents insightful though! As we continue building our media skills and developing new content, please leave any comments or suggestions below, or email us at regarding our video podcast series and what topics you would like us to cover in the future.

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