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Reddal Dubai was formally opened in early 2015, with a satellite presence in Tehran. We see exciting opportunities for our clients in the Middle East and North Africa. A key part of our work is working side-by-side with large-family owned conglomerates in developing their portfolio companies domestically and internationally.

Office location

Our location

Jumeirah road, Street 27A, #4
United Arab Emirates

+971 55 918 2204, +98 912 343 7518

Office contacts

Kaveh Asadzamaneh

Kaveh Asadzamaneh Dubai

Business Analyst experienced in corporate strategy, business turnarounds and M&A. Currently working on business model transformation for a holding company.


Julien Medlej

Julien Medlej Dubai

Business Analyst with experience in strategy and technology advisory. Currently developing market entry strategies into the Middle East as well as marketing and sales strategies in the UAE.


Aryan Ashraf

Aryan Ashraf Dubai

Business Analyst experienced in market entry and expansion. Currently working on various strategy projects for multinationals and leading local companies in Iran.