Manager/Senior Manager

Manager/Senior Manager

An inspiring problem-solving leader with a strong drive to develop their global team. This position requires active contribution to the growth of our clients as well as Reddal itself. You lead multiple clients providing continued impact in long-term relationships. Thought leadership and knowledge sharing is an important part of this position, both within Reddal and our clients.

We expect

  • Four to six years of industry experience, with managerial experience from a related field (management consulting, investment banking, private equity or entrepreneurship); experience of team based project work is crucial for your success
  • Excellent problem solving skills – strong analytical mindset and passion for solving complex business challenges
  • Non-hierarchical team-player with the ability to build broad followership
  • Excellent leadership and people skills; you inspire your team, Reddal staff and clients with your positive approach to people and work
  • Strong track record of insightful knowledge development and recognition as an expert in one or multiple areas
  • Broad network in specific industries, functions and/or geographies, trusted advisor to CEOs and Boards

We offer you

Rewarding client relationships

  • You take a proactive role in developing your own client portfolio, interacting with CEOs and senior management
  • You lead building businesses and driving growth of companies across all sizes, globally
  • Insight development, action planning and front-line execution are all part of our long-term client relationships; you and your team(s) drive continous impact

True international and multi-cultural reach

  • You are a part of rapidly growing company with a global ambition that practices what it preaches
  • The possibility to expand your working area into new geographies or industry sectors based on your personal background and interests
  • Reddal teams build on people with diverse backgrounds, teams are often working across locations; leaders are multi-cultural and often multi-local

Being part of Reddal's success story

  • Reddal is a fast-growing company with ever increasing international presence; our managers have a stake in our success
  • Our growth is strongly connected to the vision, innovation and drive of individuals who want to develop our company further

Continuous development

  • Extensive in-house training program and specialized practices focusing on advanced topics in their area
  • Personal learning and skills development through thought leadership efforts and knowledge sharing with clients and staff

Enjoyable working atmosphere

  • Our employees enjoy a non-hierarchical, encouraging and collaborative working environment
  • Opportunity to share experiences with international colleagues, clients and our broad network