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We are continuously looking to hire individuals who love solving complex problems, thrive in a team environment, and see the world filled with exciting challenges to be tackled. At Reddal, we don’t just accept differences – we celebrate, support and cherish them. Our teams are made up of people from different backgrounds, cultures, genders, education, interests and skills. They all excel at making a difference and share a passion for team work.

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University students with strong academic record and teamwork experience




University students close to graduation with strong academic record


Recent university graduates with strong academic record and internship experience


Young skilled professionals with a few years of related working experience


Professionals with 4-6 years of related working experience and solid track record


Helsinki, Seoul


Exceptional senior professionals with extensive global experience of building companies


Helsinki, Seoul

Reddal is all about entrepreneurship.

We have a global mindset and a solid sense of integrity

We are a team of passionate problem-solvers

We are a team of passionate problem-solvers with a global mindset and a solid sense of integrity.

Giao Le, Business Analyst

"I joined Reddal as an intern, excited to experience its unique disruptive business model that transforms the role of consultants as external advisors into long-term strategic business partners to our clients. For me work at Reddal is exciting also because everyone here can influence how Reddal runs and creates value, continuously improving client impact. I enjoy being part of re-thinking and re-shaping the business building industry!"

Ngoc-Tram Nguyen, Business Developer

”Reddal provides a great environment for personal growth and development. This is not only due to systematic training, but also because of the opportunities to learn with our clients and from my bright and supportive colleagues. At Reddal, we are encouraged to think like a CEO, and that attitude drives us to take a big picture view as well as focusing on real life impact.”

Jihun Oh, Business Developer

”Reddal is all about entrepreneurship. From day one, I have enjoyed building up a portfolio of tech clients. I have learned to develop and execute strategy with fast-growing companies of all sizes, from startups to multinationals. Client engagements have given me a first-hand look at the challenges of a CEO in today’s tech industry. This front-line experience gives me the confidence to one day lead my own tech company.”

Henry Beniard, Manager

"The best thing about working at Reddal is its people. We hire brilliant people, who all think differently and contribute with fresh views. This inspires everyone to push their limits and do their best work every day. It's a great feeling coming to the office in the morning and knowing that, whatever the problem, the job will get done. Reddal develops its people but its people make Reddal."

Work and life

We develop our people to think and act like CEOs

We maintain a healthy work-life balance

We develop our people to think and act like CEOs.

Front-line experience from day one

Reddal offers a unique opportunity for new joiners to work side-by-side with clients from day one. We believe the best training comes from gaining experience in the front-line, working with executives and operative staff. Our approach seeks to kick-start the careers of our staff, to develop broad skillsets and emerge as tomorrow's business leaders who have "been there, done that".

Maintaining work-life balance

Our clients ask us to work with them on their most complex issues. Creating impact in our work requires in-depth analyses and persistence. Yet, success at Reddal also requires a balanced lifestyle. We encourage our staff to spend time with friends, family, hobbies and further studies. Weekend work is avoided, and we seek to keep weekly working hours reasonable at 40-60 hours per week.

Our recruitment process

Experience what working at Reddal is like

Practice with sample cases

We solve business problems

Experience what working at Reddal is like by solving business problems from real-life.

The interview process

The recruitment process consists of a minimum three rounds of interviews. Each interview includes 1-5 cases, Q&A, and free discussion. While the purpose of the interviews is to learn about you, our recruitment process also allows you to learn about us and experience what working at Reddal is like. During the process you will meet Reddal staff from different career levels and offices, getting to know potential future colleagues. Interviews take place at Reddal offices or by teleconference when needed.

Preparation for interviews

Interview cases test analytical problem solving and quantitative ability, as well as creativity and communication skills. A key success criteria is the ability to approach a problem in a structured manner and explain your thinking process. Cases often relate to a situation that you are not familiar with, testing your ability to think outside of the box and develop solid hypotheses. Practicing issue structuring and problem solving on the spot is highly helpful.

Practice with sample cases here.