Securing strategy implementation through iterative operating model design

21 September 2012 — One of the most common debates in management literature is whether the strategy or the operating model should deserve more focus. The answer is usually something in between – strategy alone does not determine a successful company, but an operating model does not do that either. The trick lies in designing the equilibrium between these two; ensuring that the strategy is implemented through a good operating model design.

Using a (massively) participative strategy process for corporate change – lessons learned

Using a (massively) participative strategy process for corporate change – lessons learned

21 September 2012 — The competitive environment of all companies, whether large or small, is getting increasingly complex and fast-changing. To address this, the strategy process in many companies has been developed towards larger participation. Using crowdsourcing as a part of the strategy process seems to be the topic of the day among consultants advocating new approaches.

Vision-driven strategy the Korean way

30 December 2011 — South Korean companies have for years been among the fastest growing in the world. To understand how Korean companies drive their growth, Reddal traveled to this rapidly developing country and visited multiple companies. The objective was to understand how Korean management thinks about strategy and how they translate their ambition into execution.

Transforming corporate culture for better (strategy) execution

4 October 2011 — Executive management teams are increasingly driving their own strategy development without consultants with the underlying belief that in order to ensure execution and buy-in, the strategy development must be kept in their own hands. Strategy execution, however, goes even deeper than that – it is not only management buy-in that is needed, the entire corporation must be mobilized to achieve the results sought after.

Securing the growth of an SME – understanding value creation

17 April 2011 — A systematic value creation mindset is often absent in small and medium sized enterprises. Value creation builds on alternative returns. Investing in a business should result in better returns than what is available through other investment vehicles. The target of any company should always be, not maximizing revenues or profits alone, but maximizing profits (cash flow) with as little capital invested as possible.

Achieving a collaborative and continuous strategy process

18 October 2010 — In the wake of recent market turmoil, the strategy process is again getting increased attention. There is much talk about flexibility, scenario analyses and the need for a collaborative and continuous strategy process that is integrated into operative planning and execution. However, achieving such a process requires implementation to be done in ways that have perhaps not been considered yet.