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Capturing the private equity value creation opportunity among mid-cap SMEs

31 August 2016 — We present some early results from our recent study into Korean private equity, and in particular the mid-cap SME sector. The Korean economy needs to find a new path to growth, and SMEs must play a major role.

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Lessons learned from policy support for academic-industry collaborative startups in Finland

23 July 2014 — We review lessons learned from the development of Finland’s venture capital and private equity ecosystem development, and what insights this could provide to South Korean government.

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Valuing a business in 30 minutes for quick insights

14 December 2012 — Although valuation is complex, in some situations a quick review is adequate to get an idea of the company’s value, key drivers to increase value or what is fundamentally expected of a business’ performance given a certain value, for example an asking price of a business up for sale. This article discusses the approach for conducting a quick basic valuation of a business.

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Using systematic bolt-on acquisitions to drive growth

21 June 2011 — Companies seeking growth often balance between growing through organic business development, and inorganic growth through mergers and acquisitions. Organic development is slow, as it takes time to develop and launch new products and technologies, a new business line or broader geographic presence. Programmatic “bolt-on” acquisitions provide an alternative value creation path with manageable risk.

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