Interview: Entrepreneurship, government policy and the role of large corporations in Korea and Finland

19 October 2016 — Per Stenius was interviewed this week by Korean SBS media channel for a program on entrepreneurship, government policy and the role of large corporations in Korea and Finland alongside other experts and organizations.

CEO interview: Globalize your company or perish

4 September 2013 — The debate to stay local or go global is a frequent topic in businesses of all sizes. Amidst all the hype, how does the CEO know when to make this decision? We sat down with Saeju Jeong, Co-founder and CEO of Noom to discuss his decision making process in expanding his company into Korea and Japan.

CEO interview: Company folded but the great learning experience surpasses all regrets

9 November 2012 — Christoffer Winquist (38), the CEO of Rewindy, recently decided to close the shop. In this interview he shares his one-year experience of building the company from an idea to the beta launch. While deciding to give up was a hard decision, he says that he has no regrets. The learnings from Rewindy last a lifetime, and he is now looking for new opportunities, potentially as an entrepreneur.

CEO interview: Cloning proven startup business models into Korea

7 November 2012 — Patenting business models is a costly and time-consuming task, let alone hard to enforce in many countries. Hyemin Lee (28), CEO of People & Co., discusses her experience in accelerating her startup with the Samwer brothers of Rocket Internet, the copycat kings of Europe.

CEO interview: Finding the optimal funding approach for a startup in Korea

26 October 2012 — Jong-ik Kwon (31), the CEO of iPetBrand, is an entrepreneur with a solid academic background. The idea for his current venture, iPetBrand, stemmed from Mr. Kwon’s love for animals and people who care about animals. iPetBrand seeks to integrate the vet network with the value chain, and Mr. Kwon’s vision is to make iPetBrand the most recognized brand in pet care. To fulfill this, he needed funding. We talked to Mr. Kwon about his fundraising experiences.