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Reddal is a global professional services firm offering business development as a service — a relentless partner for growth.

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We focus on the CEO agenda, from strategy and sales growth to productivity improvement. Our teams draw on years of front-line experience and deep industry expertise to generate impact and ensure your long term success.

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Interview: Entrepreneurship, government policy and the role of large corporations in Korea and Finland

October 2016
Per Stenius

Per Stenius was interviewed this week by Korean SBS media channel for a program on entrepreneurship, government policy and the role of large corporations in Korea and Finland alongside other experts and organizations.

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Capturing the private equity value creation opportunity among mid-cap SMEs

August 2016
Per Stenius

We present some early results from our recent study into Korean private equity, and in particular the mid-cap SME sector. The Korean economy needs to find a new path to growth, and SMEs must play a major role.

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Robots – the age of adaptive robots

July 2016
Per Stenius

A new industrial revolution is underway prompted by a new generation of robots. Powered by new digital technologies, robots are now seeping into areas that require more sophisticated and adaptive skills, like logistics or even customer-facing services.

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