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Reddal is a global professional services firm offering business development as a service — a relentless partner for growth.

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We focus on the CEO agenda, from strategy and sales growth to productivity improvement. Our teams draw on years of front-line experience and deep industry expertise to generate impact and ensure your long term success.


Reddal Talks: Convincing storytelling for startups and corporate accelerators

28 December 2017 — A convincing storyline is important for startups when communicating with investors. This video talks about how to do it right. We also discuss corporate accelerators. These can drive innovation, but only if customers are actively involved along the process.

Transforming reporting from bureaucracy to a value driving process

18 June 2021
Per Stenius

Reporting is at the core of most corporations and fast-growing SMEs. Yet surprisingly little attention is paid on the actual value add of the reporting process and especially the “bang for the buck”.

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Corporate digital strategy as a compass to navigate through digitization

10 March 2021
Kun Cao

Consolidating Reddal’s learnings from digitization from the past year, this article shares insights on best practices to form a digital strategy. It offers a strengthened strategy building approach with an emphasis on understanding both the future and the company itself.

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Corporate culture and learnings from Nordic companies

4 February 2021
Per Stenius

In this interview with Forbes Korea, Reddal Senior Client Director Dr. Per Stenius, shares four key enablers of cultivating a work culture based on Nordic values, drawing implications for Korean businesses and government organizations.

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