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Reddal is a global professional services firm offering business development as a service — a relentless partner for growth.

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We focus on the CEO agenda, from strategy and sales growth to productivity improvement. Our teams draw on years of front-line experience and deep industry expertise to generate impact and ensure your long term success.

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Robots – the age of adaptive robots

July 2016
Per Stenius

A new industrial revolution is underway prompted by a new generation of robots. Powered by new digital technologies, robots are now seeping into areas that require more sophisticated and adaptive skills, like logistics or even customer-facing services.

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Digital health - disrupting healthcare technology and democratizing health care services

May 2016
Per Stenius

Health care is traditionally a very conservative and slow-moving industry, while IT technology that can potentially benefit this industry is growing at a faster speed than ever before. Digital technology is disrupting health care and shifting its structure.

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Artificial intelligence - tailored smart solutions today, true intelligence tomorrow

April 2016
Per Stenius

The AI technology we see these days is tailored to specific uses and not yet scalable in a generally applicable manner. Nevertheless, AI is rapidly changing our day-to-day lives in a significant way.

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