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Study: The Finnish marine industry - an emerging growth sector

16 September 2021
Per Stenius

A study conducted by Reddal for the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment of Finland highlights the importance of the holistic development of the entire Finnish marine industry.

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Using success gates in portfolio strategy development for more informed decision making

9 September 2021
Henrik Säilä

Developing a portfolio strategy is inherently complex due to many alternative opportunities coupled with limited resources, other business specific constraints and uncertainty of future markets. Defining key constraints for individual portfolio businesses and using success gates to track their impact helps in selecting viable strategic options for all future scenarios.

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China ambitions in cruise sets their agenda for the full value chain

6 September 2021
Kun Cao

China has been actively moving towards the upstream of the value chain with ambitious plans, leaving the industry pondering what will happen next. In this article we try to shed some light on the implications.

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